The Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday Party

The Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday Party

The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle is a classic favorite that little boys and girls can never have enough of. Little Anderson is no exception. So, Bethany of Paper Prince styled a fantastic and colorful party based on this book for his first birthday. Get ready for some intensely adorable details as we check out the pictures of this celebration.

Look at all the stunning colors here. The little caterpillar comes to life as the cake topper, and he wiggles across a smooth white cake. Doesn’t he look pleased with the view from above, of many colorful cupcakes arranged to look just like him? I think this a brilliant display with bright green and red being proud and prominent on a stark white background.

Bethany has recreated the food featured in the book. Little snippets from the story hang above each colorful bowl of fruit, and they tell the little guests what the caterpillar had on each day of the week. Fans of the hungry caterpillar will not think twice about devouring this mix of strawberries, oranges, pears, apples and more delicious but healthy snacks.

Isn’t this a brilliant idea of using striped straws to display pages from the book in each bowl? The familiar pictures invite little children to the fruit display and encourage them to eat the caterpillar’s favorite foods.

I love the way the bright colors on the table burst against the background, creating a festive atmosphere. On one side of the cake are several gumball towers that recreate the caterpillar design, while on the other side is a transparent bucket filled with popping red gumballs and green and white swirly and twisted lollipops. The fruit display occupies the extreme end of the table, and the contents of the bowl are perfect replicas of the pictures in the story.

Anderson’s high chair is beautifully prepared with an assortment of ribbons in various patterns and prints that blend well with the theme of the party. On the side is a hanging display of more ribbons beside a white balloon.

Party favors are cute little jars of homemade play dough for the little guests. The children can indulge in more caterpillar-style fun back home, as they make their own versions of the hungry caterpillar in their free time.

Here is an impressive party backdrop like no other. Cute little Anderson shows us what he’s been up to during his first year. Included in this chart are all the milestones that the precious little baby has mastered. Everything we need to know about him, including his diaper size and teeth he has is seen on this backdrop. Laced with humor, it is a brilliant idea worth borrowing. Bethany has used paper lanterns in green and red to create an adorable caterpillar decoration that floats over this backdrop.

Wasn’t that a fascinating and vibrant birthday party? I think everything was simply perfect, and Bethany deserves a huge pat on the back for doing such a great job.  If you happen to live near the Clarkson, Michigan area, be sure to hire her to style your next party.