Top 10 80th Birthday Party Favors Ideas

Top 10 80th Birthday Party Favors Ideas

We have some 80th birthday party ideas to honor your favorite octogenarian.   We have a variety of DIY options as well as 80th birthday party favors for sale.  They key to selecting the perfect souvenirs is to consider the preferences of both the guest of honor as well as the actual guests.  Here are our top picks:

Custom Mint Tins:  These have been one of the most popular items for the past 10 years.  Having a photo of the guest of honor on the label is one of the reasons why.  The metal tins are filled with mints and sealed for safety.    80th birthday party favors mint tins

Cookies – Does the guest of honor have a favorite cookie recipe?  If so, bake some and place them in a cellophane bag with a custom label.  If not, there are lots of delicious cookie recipes on Sally’s Baking Addiction like these fun triple chocolate chip cookies.  It can be meaningful for friends or relatives to gather and make them.

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Trinket Glasses:  These make great 80th birthday giveaways because they are lasting.  This is generally my go-to when planning my personal events because the imprint stays on the glass.  The method of imprinting is silkscreen which affixes much better than a decal.80th birthday giveaways glasses

Wrapped Candy:  Wrapped candy is a reasonably priced and delicious favor.  Many of our customers place Hershey’s kisses in the trinket holder shown above.  You can also visit your favorite penny candy store to locate some candy from the 1940’s’ and 1950’s.

80th birthday favors candy

Candy Stickers:  If you choose to offer Hershey’s Kisses, here is a great idea for either 80th party favors or table decorations.   These stickers are from The Print Depot and they come in a variety of colors.  Select the color that best matches the color scheme of your party.

Pint Glasses:  Everyone can use a glass for juice, pop, beer or any type of drink.  They are top rack dishwasher safe.  Many party planners fill these 80th birthday glasses up with wrapped candy that matches the color scheme of the party.

80th Birthday Favors Pint Glasses

Plants:   Place small plants into white pots and decorate with the name of the guest of honor.   This is a great activity for kids to do during the event as well.   You can also just display them on the tables and they serve as both a decoration and a favor to take home.

Scented Candles:  Scented candles are nice little giveaways.  They are available at craft supply stores, like Michael’s and online.  If you order online, I would recommend ordering a single candle and smelling it first before purchasing many of them.  Some of the artificial scents can be an issue with some, so I would go with  candles made with essential oils.


Bath Bombs 80th Birthday Favors – These fizzy balls of scented fun are a great favor, especially if most of the guests are women.  Bath bombs will encourage your guests to take a luxurious bath enhanced by scented bath water.  You can purchase them online or make them using baking soda, epsom salt, corn starch, citric acid and essential oil.    Here is an article about how to make your own.

Bath Bomb 80th Birthday Favors

Bottled Sauces:  You have SO many options to create your own sauces, whether it is mustard, barbecue to hot sauce, your guests are sure to be pleased.   There are so many options including:  dipping sauces, marinades, steak sauces,  and fish sauces.  Select the container that is right for your type of sauce.  While a glass jar would be ideal for a mustard sauce a Tupperware-type container would be best for a dip.    You can even create or order labels with the name of your favorite 80 year old and the birth date.