Top 10 Class Reunion Ideas

Top 10 Class Reunion Ideas

Here are the top 10 class reunion ideas, based on my experience on the planning committee of our 40th high school reunion.  Decoration credit goes to Diane Winton, the mastermind behind all of the decorations and room plan.

  1.  Incorporate objects from our high school days on the tables throughout the room.   As you can see there is a trumpet from one of our band members, an 8 ball because back in the day we used to  use it to get answers to important questions.
  2. Get your cake from Costco.  It was absolutely delicious and so reasonably priced.  We were able to save money on dessert, and the banquet facility was fine with us bringing it in.

Cheap Class Reunion Ideas

3.  Class Confetti – Make copies of the yearbook photo pages and shrink and laminate the pages.  Next cut the photos into confetti, so you see one photo per piece.  Sprinkle the confetti around the tables.  This was one of the most unique ideas and our class talked about it throughout the evening.

Class Reunion Ideas

4.  Laundry String Photos – The hotel banquet room did not allow any decorations to be stuck on walls, but they did allow push pins.  Our decorator, Diane Winton, came up with the idea of buying some sturdy string, push pins and mini clothespins.  She then instructed us to hang up photos from the 1979 year book.

Class Reunion Decorations

5.  Memorial Table – Diane purchased a plastic frame and put the names and photos of those in our class who passed.  Photos of these classmates were also placed on the table, as were a glass statuette of an eagle, our school mascot, and some candles.

Class Reunion Memorial Table

I just so happened that there was another class reunion in the adjoining room, so I took a peek at their decorations.  They really had a nice memorial table, however, I was struck by the number of photos on it.

Class Reunion Memorial Table

6. Photos and More Photos – Because our venue did not allow items to be stuck on walls, plastic frames were purchased and filled with classmate photos.  Additional photos were placed on some of the long banquet tables.  Our high school yearbooks were essential for all of our decorations.

high school reunion ideas

40th high school reunion ideas

7.  Use Holiday Card Holders  – These made for great photo holders.  In the image below were class baby pictures from our yearbook.

Class Reunion Decorations

Other tables had a mixture of candles, trophies, and photo frames.

High School Reunion Decorations

Class Reunion Ideas

8.  Shot Glass Party Favors – We gave out these fun shooters

Class Reunion Party Favors Shot Glasses

9. Class Reunion Stemless Glasses  – For those who want something a bit more elegant, check out these glasses.  You can fill them with Hershey’s kisses or any other fun wrapped candy.

Class Reunion Favors Glass

10.   Class Reunion Gift Bags – Here is an idea for some swag bags that are not single-use.

Class Reunion Gift Bags