Top 20 70th Birthday Party Favors

Top 20 70th Birthday Party Favors

Are you looking for elegant 70th birthday favors that your guests will love?  We have compiled a list of the top 70th birthday party favors:

1. Wine Glasses – These glasses are great for toasting the guest of honor as well as holding small items after the party.  Many people choose to fill the glasses with wrapped Hershey’s Kisses or other wrapped candy and place the glass at each table setting.  Other have chosen to place colored candies in a cellophane bags and tie with a ribbon.70th Birthday Party Favors

2. Flower  SeedsThe Home Depot has great deals on a variety of perennial seeds.  Select the best ones for your part of the country.  Your guests can plant them and think of their favorite 70 year old each year when the flowers bloom.

3. Photo Mint Tins:   These are well-liked because the guest of honor is featured on each favor.  When placed on tables, everyone gets a kick out of the photo.70th Birthday Favors Mint Tins4. Birthday Cookies – These Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies with colorful sprinkles are reminiscent of a birthday cake.  Place them in a clear cellophane bag, so that the colors show through.  The cookies were created by Sally of Sally’s Baking Addiction.  Chocolate Chip Cake Cookies

You can also go with a basic sugar cookie and a 70th birthday cookie cutter. from Bobbi’s Cookie Cutters.

70th Birthday Cookie Cutter

5.  Travel Candles – The mini travel candles shown below are especially nice because they have a lid and come with custom labels featuring the number 70.  Designs include 70 never looked so sweet, birthday confetti and more.  There are so many color combinations for the labels, so that they can be created to match the colors of your party.

70th Birthday Favors Candles

6.  Brownies -Edible favors are so popular, especially chocolate ones.  This recipe from All is delicious.  When giving favors,  avoid the  mixes and  instead go for home baked brownies.  Your guests will appreciate the great taste and love that you put into making them.   Best Brownies

7.  Absorbent Stone Coasters – Break up a set of four and give each guest a decorative coaster with a ribbon around it.  Coaster Stone

8.  70th Birthday Coaster Favors – These glass coasters can be designed with the number 70 in the middle and your message below.

70th Birthday Favor Coasters

9.  Succulent Plants – These lovely mini plants are from Plant Crafting Company and are sold on Etsy.  The nice thing about succulents is that you don’t need a green thumb to keep them healthy.  In fact, you don’t even need to water them much,  about every two to four weeks is plenty.Succulents

10.  Custom Bottle Openers – These metal bottle openers are screen-printed with the guests of honors name and a happy birthday graphic.Adult Birthday Favors Bottle Openers

11. Caricature Cookies – These unique and fun cookies resemble the guest of honor.

12.  Vintage Airplane Bottle Openers – These are fun and functional favors for those young and young at heart.  They are very sturdy, as they are made from metal formed into the shape of a classic vintage airplane.70th Birthday Vintage Favors

13.  Koozies– Everyone can use a Koozie and these are perfect give-aways for a 70th birthday party.  They keep cold drinks cold and decorative. Choose from designs including “Celebrating…” and “Cheers to 70 Years”   You can find the Koozies on Etsy by My Wedding Store.MyWeddingStore

14.  Hershey’s Kisses Labels – This is a very economical and fun favor by Big Dot of Happiness.  Just order the labels and place them on the bottom of individual kisses.  Everyone loves chocolate and kisses are often on sale at Target and most stores, especially after Halloween and Valentines Day. Hersheys Kisses Labels15.  Candy Necklaces – If you are turning 70 years old, you grew up in the 50’s and will certainly remember the candy of your childhood.  Old Time Candy has lots of different sweets of the 50’s including these candy necklaces.  You can be sure that anyone who attends your party will enjoy wearing and eating these necklaces. Candy Necklaces

16.  Blessed Key Chains – These key chains are a great reminder to your guests that they are blessed.    Any time that they use their keys, this nice message appears.

Religious Key Chains

17.  70th Birthday Shot Glasses – These fun shooters are decorative and a great

70th Birthday Party Favor Shooters

18.  70th Birthday M&M’s – Have your own short custom message on M&M’s.  This is truly a fun and tasty 70th birthday favor.

70th Birthday M&M's

19.  Chocolate Candy – Chocolate is universally loved, so get with your local chocolatier, department store, even Costco or Sams.  You can find the best deals after holidays.


20.  70th Birthday Rocks Glasses – These sturdy glasses have a solid base and strong imprint that stays on, unlike decals.

70th Birthday Favors Rocks Glasses