Train Party Successes and Mistakes

Train Party Successes and Mistakes

My friend Lisa and I both had train theme parties for our kids.      I worked much harder and she had better results.  Here is what went right and wrong.

My party had a very elaborate homemade cake which involved three hours of assembling and decorating.  Since our theme was Thomas the Train, we had to have a cake that resembled him.

The front of the engine was so heavy, Thomas needed an Oreo cookie face lift to keep his chin from falling.

Lisa purchased three store-bought Sara Lee pound cakes and decorated them with frosting and cool whip.  She used candy corn, chocolate chips, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and other candy pieces for decoration.  She also got her beauty sleep the night before.

The kids LOVED both cakes.

I bought Thomas the Tank engine plates, tablecloths, and favors, and had a tent some of the eating area.  This took set up time and cost some cash.

Lisa had her party indoors at her kitchen table.  She made trains out of construction paper.  She also found some red, white and blue decorations from the Fourth of July and hung them from her lights.

Hers probably cost 1/50 of mine.  Do you think that the kids noticed?

Actually, the kids loved both parties, but Lisa worked and spent much less than I did.  If I had it to do over again, you can bet I would follow my friends lead.

Since our parties, I have found where Lisa got her train decorating skill.   Here is the video she used for inspiration:   Betty Crocker TV – How to Decorate a Train Cake