Travel Theme Wedding: Vintage Ideas

Travel Theme Wedding: Vintage Ideas

What better wedding celebration is there for a pair of globetrotters than a vintage travel wedding?  Lucky for you, I found some great ideas by Michelle Yurcak of Premium Event Services at a  tabletop competition sponsored by the National Academy of Catering Executives.  Everything you see was created by Michelle’s group and photographed by Shannon of Clicking Through Life.    Now you can look at these great images to  create the perfect ambiance for your travel theme party or wedding reception.

  • Travel Gift table: Drape a lace tablecloth over the gift table and weigh it down with small models of famous tourist areas.  For instance, include miniature Eiffel towers, and surround them with flowers.  Then, in the center of the table, place a small old-style suitcase and leave it open.  Hang small hooks from the open top of the suitcase and place bronze letters on each one spelling out the words ‘cards.’   If  you can’t find bronze letters, simply find some inexpensive wooden letters and spray paint them gold.  You can find these letters at Michael’s.

  • Travel Place Cards:   Assign each table a country and number.    Create place cards that display the name, table number and country of each guest.  Pin all of the tickets to a large framed map of the world.    Place the frame on an easel, so that table assignments are easy to read.

  • Travel Theme Decorations: Place large world maps along the walls, and place pins in the areas the couple has visited in their travels.  (Be sure they’re older maps or that you lightly burn the edges to make them appear aged.)  You can also place globes on the dessert and cake tables, surrounding them with muted flower petals and fresh foliage.  If you plan on including a photo booth at your reception, consider labeling it as a “Passport Photo Stand.”  (You can also place small stacks of vintage suitcases outside the stand.)   Make sure that the booth has lots of props like vintage hats and gloves.

  • Centerpieces: In the center of each table, place old books and vintage picture frames, complete with black and white vacation photos of the happy couple throughout the years.  You can also display photos of the couple’s parents or grandparents for a special touch.  Make sure the books are adventure travel novels, such as Around the World in 80 Days, or that they are large atlases.  To add some color to the centerpieces, include small candle holders, and light candles inside as soon as the sun goes down.