Travel Themed Bridal Shower

Travel Themed Bridal Shower

Love is a journey, so a travel themed bridal shower is perfect  to represent new experiences and exciting opportunities at every turn. Monique of Bash Party Styling worked with this theme to create a splendid bridal shower for her clients Ben and Rachel. Let us dive right into the delightful pictures of this special event.

A vintage typewriter that rests on burlap atop an oak barrel—an image that conjures nostalgia. This beautiful mix of elements possess a powerful presence in the setting.

Here is a superb idea for an exquisite hot cocoa bar in a rustic setting. Supporting the theme of the party is a quote by Lord Byron on the chalkboard background. An ornate gold frame with lettering on chalkboard adds elegance to the neat and orderly formation of cocoa cups. The oak barrels used throughout the décor add a vintage feel to the setting. In the front, soft yellow lights draw our focus to ancient globes that rest on travel boxes. What a beautiful display to complete the theme!

This collection of globes, travel boxes and flash cameras could easily belong in an old-fashioned Hollywood movie. It has been superbly planned and executed par excellence.

The cocoa cups have been customized with printables that carry the name of the bride and the groom.

The napkins rings also have been sealed with the initials of the couple, rendering a personal touch.

The lavish food spread is set on a burlap table cover. More globes and travel boxes are incorporated into the setting. The party bunting which echoes the theme of the party is a striking display against the pitch black backgound. It has been created with white lettering on brown, with a map on the border.

I love the idea of using vintage travel boxes as part of the spread. It adds an extra charm to the décor. The dish labels are another fascinating addition in brown with map borders. It is these details that make the table look extra-impressive.

Lemon and coconut cupcakes treat the guests to sweet bliss. Don’t they resemble cute little sailboats, ready to float away on a journey across the seven seas? Each cupcake has a pretty little flag topper designed from a map to match the travel theme.

The party favors are displayed in a vintage box on a bed of wood shavings. Plastic pouches with travel-sized goodie bottles form a wonderful parting gift. Each pouch has been customized with a “Thank you” printable in brown with a map to border the base.

Here’s a novel idea to get the guests involved in the fun. The couple welcome date ideas from the guests, who are invited to fill in the tags supplied for the purpose. They then drop them inside the vintage wooden date box. Monique has spared no detail, as you can see even the bottle holding the pens has a burlap ribbon that is perfect for the setting.

Wasn’t that a fabulous bridal shower, one with a romantic touch that transported us to another time and age, even as it welcomes a happy beginning. Thank you Monique for sharing your creative ideas with us!

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