Fruit Theme Picnic Party

Fruit Theme Picnic Party

As the beautiful summer days were coming to an end, Patricia Couteiro of Com Amor and Carinho planned an exciting Tutti frutti picnic party. It was a great idea to celebrate the wonderful warm season, before it gave way to a cheerful autumn. Join us as we tour the pleasant pictures of this celebration, and we hope you enjoy the pretty pink and pastel palette as much as we did.

The beautiful picnic buffet has an interesting variety of fruit desserts and fresh fruits on a pleasing pink gingham table cover. Matching gingham buntings are hung over the table and and a mini-bunting decorates the Bundt cake. The arrangement is striking, with pastels beautifully complemented by vibrant red, yellow, green and orange accents. The delicious treats include cake pops, fresh fruits, assorted fruit cookies and cherry mousse.

The décor is natural and relaxed, with vases of lavender and sunflowers casually arranged in the green grass, beside cozy pillows, scattered pom-pom balls and antique candle holders. Chalkboard labels the sweets and beverages, and they add a rustic touch to the arrangement.

Guests may help themselves to refreshing fruit-flavored smoothies in glass bottles, decorated with adorable gingham buntings on burlap strings. White cake pops in green cupcake cases have green and white polka dot bows decorating their sticks.

I simply adore this arrangement of silky cherry mousse with whipped cream and raspberries in mini-mason jars. The tiny white and pink gingham flags add a festive touch, and wooden spoons attached with twine make them easy to enjoy. Multicolored fruits, cherry mouse on yellow translucent trays and bunch of leaves are all such a vibrant display.

This Bundt cake is a real joy, don’t you think? The drizzled sugar frosting drips into a lavish fruit base packed with bright summer colors. A cheerful gingham and white mini-bunting adds the finishing touches to this fascinating arrangement.

Neatly placed in front of the pastel fruit-flavored milkshakes, are cute cups with fresh berries and fruits. The green and white polka dot cases add beautiful accents to the pink and white gingham, even while the green grass beneath the white platters and bright yellow sunflowers add more spells of color.

Brighter than the bright berries, here are assorted fruit cookies that look too grand to eat! Crafted to resemble peachy oranges, bright red apples, yellow bananas and slices of watermelon, these cookies are delightful.

Here is another delectable dessert celebrating the flavors of summer. Lemon cakes packed into mason jars are topped with a flourish of whipped cream, and garnished with lime slices and cute gingham flags.

As all good things must come to an end, so does this brilliant Tutti Frutti party and the summer that was celebrated. I’m sure the family had a great time, and will treasure the memories of this fantastic party for long.