Twin Baby Shower Invitations

Twin Baby Shower Invitations

A baby shower for twins is twice as nice and there are a few things to consider when selecting invitations.
1) Is the mother to be going to have girls, boys or one of each?
2) Is the sex of the baby out in the open or is it a secret?
Before you select an invitation, it is important to think about the entire shower. While many baby showers have simple pink and or blue decorations, specific themes are gaining in popularity.   The themes below are the most preferred ones for twins.

Kristin of Organized Chaos created these super cute girl onesie baby shower invitations. While intended for a single baby, they could easily be used for twins. The photo below shows the inside of the invitation.

Twin Boy and Girl Baby Shower Invitations: If you are looking to be inspired, here is an elegant boxed invitation designed by Debi of Lettering Art Studio Blog. The invitation contained one pink rattle for the girl and one blue rattle for the boy. Getting this invitation would make me very excited to attend the shower!

The box was addressed in beautiful letters with a sparkly “Once Upon a Time” theme design followed by the guest’s address. If I got an invitation like this, I would save the box!

If you have the proper protection, you might even fit a sweet treat like these beautiful cookies within the box. They were created by It’s a Mary Cake and displayed on the Lettering Art Studio blog to be used as party favors.

Animals are making a comeback with the most popular twin themes being:

*Noah’s Ark where the animals arrived two by tw0
*Twin Monkeys – when you are looking for your shower to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys.    It can also celebrate the upcoming arrival of one’s little monkeys.
*Baby Elephants – a calm and serene, this is a good theme if you wish to host a shower that your guests will never forget.  There are also lots of cute and free elephant printables and party decorations.
*Jungle Safari – With so many cute animals of the wild, this theme allows for lots of creativity when decorating the room and tables.  Guests go wild for this type of event.
*Down on the Farm – Little animals are so cute and it could be fun to decorate your  house just like a farm.  There are lots of ideas on Pinterest.  Just type in a theme with the words baby shower and you will find many different inspirational photos.