Twins Baptism Favors

Twins Baptism Favors

Selecting twins Baptism favors is easier than you think.  Just choose a favor that you like and personalized it with a label or tag.   Many companies offer this type of customization, so be sure that you list your babies’ first names only, so that all of the information fits.  You can also include a photo of the twins on the label of this cute bible box with a rosary.

Another way to symbolize a twin Baptism is to give guests two of something.  Here are some ideas:

1.  Truffles – Everyone loves chocolate, especially truffles.    Mix and match flavors for a dynamite duo of flavor.

Twin Baptism Chocolate Truffles

2.  Magnets:  You can find inexpensive, fun magnets at discount and dollar stores.  Place them in an organza bag, and attach a custom tag.  There are also some fun magnets available online as well:

3.  Sugar Cookies:  These are so easy to make and decorate.    Here is a recipe for you to make them from scratch.  It makes about 4 – 5 dozen cookies.  You can also used ready-made dough in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.  Put two cookies in a cellophane bag and tie the package with a ribbon.

4.  Chocolate Covered Oreos –   Although the ones shown below are professionally created,  you can make the standard recipe easily.   All you need are store-bought Oreo’s, Semisweet chocolate chips and some candy decorations.   Here are the directions for  making chocolate covered Oreo’s.

Please feel free to share your Twins Baptism favors ideas in the comments section.