Under the Sea Bat Mitzvah

Under the Sea Bat Mitzvah

Brace yourselves for a breathtaking underwater journey, as we explore a brilliant “Under the Sea Bat Mitzvah,” which was planned and executed by Linzi of Linzi Events. So, here goes!

What a mesmerizing setting! The cool blue effect of the ocean floor is replicated in this party hall through blue lighting. The color bounces off the white and transparent décor elements to create a splendid watery effect. The ceiling is scoured by a variety of fish that quietly float around as the party guests enjoy themselves on the floor below.

Tall centerpieces resembling giant corals and jelly fish decorate the table. Candlelight enhances the effect, by adding a warm glow to the cool environment. Jelly like ceiling fixtures complete the picture beautifully.

The dance floor is lit up with oceanic waves, that ripple and gush towards the seating arrangements on the shore. White chairs flock around round tables with tall table lamps that blend seamlessly into the arrangement.

I love this idea of using sea glass and sand with the place cards. It creates an authentic beach ambiance.

Clean white sails as centerpieces on the tables, render a nautical touch. The tables are decked with navy and white sailor stripes, while the white chairs have navy seat cushions to enhance the sea-faring effect.

Now, here is an excellent idea to enhance the underwater effect. Blue napkins have sea shell rings to integrate them into the theme.

The table ware includes clear glasses and azure dinner plates with designs that resemble frolicking ocean waves.

The dinner menu is neatly printed in blue on white paper; simple but effective!

How spectacular is this display? The tentacles of white corals and starfish stretch towards a canopy of aquatic flora and fauna. It is bewitching, colorful and original.

A perfect rendition of the real seascape, Linzi has used pretty flowers in a variety of colors alongside starfish, sea weeds and other submerged sea life to form an impressive centerpiece. The idea of using common flowers like roses to add cheerful colors to the display was simply genius!

Here is an interesting twist on regular party fare! Delicious macaroons are transformed into sea-worthy clam cookies, that open up to reveal precious little pearls. The bed of clams is then arranged on a floor of brown sugar to resemble an actual sea floor.

These cupcake toppers are remarkable! Pretty mermaid tails are crafted in fondant, and create an effect of these fantasy creatures diving into delicious cupcakes.

Adding even more originality to the event are remote controlled floating fish. How interactive and amusing are they?

Didn’t I tell you that this party is full of fantastic details? Thanks Linzi, for sharing these exquisite pictures and extraordinary ideas with all of us.

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