Under the Sea Decorations Ideas

Under the Sea Decorations Ideas

If you are looking for inventive Under the Sea decorations ideas, Alexandra of Enchanted Events and Design has some wonderful ones.  Not only are they creative and super cute, but make use of ordinary household objects and food.    Here are some Alexandra’s wonderful photos and ideas:

Picture Table: As this is a birthday party, there is a table set aside for the guest of honor.  Alexandra has placed framed pictures of the birthday girl throughout the years and has also included a large ship.  A sparkly blue tablecloth serves as the sea, and dolls can be seen riding the ship.

Seating Area: A large tent provides shade for guests as they sit at long tables to eat.  Each table has a runner composed of placemats, so that it resembles fish fins.  A water themed white statue serves as the centerpiece, with each table having a different design, such as a seahorse or starfish.  Hanging from the top of tent are paper lanterns with hanging streamers designed to look like jellyfish.

Dessert Table: Alexandra provided both sweet and healthy options for guests.  Plates of cut fruit adorn this table, as well as skewers topped with tiaras.  Guests can eat the fruit plain or dip it in the blue chocolate fountain.  (Surrounding the fountain are pink and orange seahorse cookies.)  There is also a tiered mermaid cake, complete with sea horses on the sides and crumbled graham cracker “sand.”  Star fish cookies are frosted and available for guests, as are octopus and fish cookies topped on sticks like lollipops.

I love the way that Enchanted Events & Designs  incorporated the mermaid under the sea theme with “Crab Apples”, which were simply cut apples arranged in the shape of a crab.  Two cloves for eyes made it look especially realistic.

The award for the funniest Under the Sea theme decorations goes to Enchanted Events and Design for using an actual fish tank and filling it with fun sea creatures including paper fish and a mermaid doll.

Favor Table: Children are encouraged to take a piece of the party home with them as a reminder of the fun they had.  A fun framed sign with an octopus instructs guests to each take one favor.  They are offered a choice of mermaid puzzles, slimy and brightly colored sea anemones, and large bubble wands.  These favors are arranged decoratively, both in bright blue pails or clear glass vases.