Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day Party

If you are in need of Valentine’s Day party ideas, I would suggest that you consult with a professional.  Good thing that the Partiologist is on call with some fabulous photos that she was kind enough to let us display.   Her Conversation Heart Party post will show you how to make some of these lovely projects.

Valentine’s Day Invites: Every good party starts with invitations, and these cute DIY heart invitations will really get guests excited for the celebration.   You can also use this same concept of stringing heart-shaped card stock as a banner room  decoration.

I like my drinks stirred not Shaken:  The conversation heart theme was evident in just about all aspects of the decor and food.   The card stock used in the invitations also served as drink stirrer decorations.

Valentine Party Decorations: The Partiologist had the inspired idea to fill a long tall vase with conversation hearts and place a candle inside.  The long candle is being propped up by the candy hearts, which are so colorful.   Not only is this decoration cute, but inexpensive.

The treat stands shown below really show off almost any small dessert.   You can find a tutorial on The Partiologist website with complete instructions about how to make them.

Here is what they look like with treats on top of each one:

In addition to the treats on stands placed on an elegant silver tray, here is how The Partiologist displayed a number of sweets and decorations.  Cut-out hearts were placed in what looks like a silver Christmas Card holder with round coils to hold paper conversation hearts.    Just about all items are placed on a doily or paper in the shape of a heart.  Cookies on the right, treat bags on the left and candy bowls really come together as a beautiful display.

Here is another Valentines Sweet table that makes great use of a small counter.   The Partiologist painted wooden letters, tied each one with a red ribbon and used an ingenious backdrop.  You will need to visit the site to learn what it is.

Valentines Sweets: The most popular part of a Valentine’s Day party is the food, namely the treats.  Here are some really fun ones.    These mini valentine cakes look almost too pretty to eat.  With a ruffled base and a large candy heart on top, they really will dress up your table.

Of course you need conversation hearts, and The Partiologist dipped each in chocolate to add another dimension to the flavor.

There are MANY more ideas on The Partiologist’s website, so be sure to check it out!