Vintage Travel Themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Vintage Travel Themed Bar Mitzvah Party

Drew’s Bar Mitzvah theme was refreshingly unique, as it was not the sports, music and television show themes that we see all the time. This young man loves to travel, and so chose a vintage travel theme for his special celebration. With rustic globes, antique tickets and maps, event planner Laurel from Licious by Laurel made it a first-class celebration that impressed everyone.  Buckle your seat belts, and get ready for the tour!

Travel Themed Party

Vintage Travel Wedding

A vintage sign set beside rolled-up maps and vintage travel cases, welcomes guests to the grand event. An excellent décor item, this vintage airplane, sits proudly on a burlap covered table.

Travel Party Ideas

How interesting are these personalized table cards? Laurel used names of countries instead of numbers to label each of the tables at the venue.  So, the guests simply have to find the country that matches the name in their passports to find their seats.

Paris Party Decorations

Here is an example: all guests with France in their passports sit at this table. The table names are displayed on dull, worn-out paper, and placed within wooden frames for an authentic effect.

Travel Party Decorations

Simple but effective, the centerpieces feature table names in wooden frames placed on a short pile of ageing books. Cute custom map box party favors are arranged at each seat.

Travel Themed Party Favors

Here is a link for these cute travel theme favor boxes.

Travel Themed Wedding Favors

Party favors are mini-map boxes filled with mints and decorated with burlap twines. A compass symbol is used in the custom label. Personalized menus have also been designed for the occasion.

Travel Themed Party Decorations

Isn’t this candy buffet with named “Drew’s Travelling Treats impressive? With unique candy treats, it was the highlight of the party for the children involved.

Around the World Party Around the World Party

The buffet features international themed candy like Japanese sushi, Chinese fortune cookies, Mexican Pinata candy and even Gummy snakes from the Amazon! Prints on antique maps are used in the labels and are tied to the glass jars with burlap ribbons.

Travel Themed Party Supplies

Candy bags are personalized with custom labels mentioning the event details.

Around the World Party Theme

A vintage globe replaces the traditional guest book, on which the guests sign their messages. I think this idea is simply brilliant!

Vintage Travel Decor

The beverages include signature travel-theme sodas, and this visa stamp poster displays the options to choose from.

Travel Themed Bar Mitzvah

Adding to the excitement is a vintage passport-theme photo booth, for the guests to snap their pictures at.

This brings us to the end our fun-filled journey. Before we leave, I must say that Laurel made sure that the Bar Mitzvah boy who wishes to travel the world someday, had the perfect party to celebrate his aspirations! Great job!

Here are some great travel theme decorations and favors:

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