Vintage Wedding Favors

Vintage Wedding Favors

The saying “Everything old is new again” definitely applies to vintage wedding favors.   Finding antique wedding favors that guests will like and use, while keeping with the vintage theme can be tricky.  Here are some top vintage wedding favors:

1.  Antique Wedding Favors Key Bottle Opener –  Beauty and practicality describe this Victorian design bottle opener.   With the shape of an antique key, the  “Key to My Heart” favor is perfect for a wedding.

2.  Vintage Glass Jars – These jars will keep with the vintage wedding theme while providing a holder for small treats.  Fillers can include jellybeans, gum, M & M’s and other small candy.  The measure 2.75″ x 1.75″.

3.  Men Wedding Favors Bow Tie Bottle Opener – While most vintage wedding favors are feminine, this bow tie bottle opener will be appreciated by both sexes, especially men.   While bow ties originated in the 17th century, they are making a comeback.  Many brides alternate this favor with another, so that couples don’t take home two bottle openers.

4.  Lace Sachets – These can be purchased in sites like Etsy and Ebay.    I found that they are also relatively easy to make.  You can go the easy route of using muslin bags, with a vintage looking fabric.  Fill the bag with lavender, tie the bag with some antique lace and you are set.     Sewing square sachets is also easy and very inexpensive.  It is also a very inexpensive.    The first step is to select some vintage design fabric.    One showing lace and flowers would be ideal.

Now you are ready to create your favor, so for step by step instructions,  here is a video about how to make a sachet.

Photo Credit:  Le Petit Poulailler