Wedding Playing Cards

Wedding Playing Cards

If you want a usable guest gift, wedding playing cards favors are the way to go.   This year, many new options and colors were introduced.  Here are some things to consider when selecting the perfect type of playing card for your reception.

1.  Color: Coordinating favors with the wedding colors is generally the first thing that a bride thinks after choosing the actual item.  If you go with a completely customized deck, you can select both your background and imprint color.  Hot color combinations for 2012 include:  yellow and silver, orange and fuchsia, lime green and yellow, plum and lavender, power blue and royal blue, and plum and silver.

When selecting your card colors, consider how the deck will look at each place setting.  Since the cards come housed in a box with a clear window, your cards will be visible to your guests.  How will they look against the tablecloth? Will they detract or add to the tableware and centerpieces?  Some brides use the decks as place card holders, by applying a sticker with the name of each guest on the back of the deck. Shown below are a variety of colors available on personalized playing cards.  In addition to the actual card color, there are a variety of imprint colors available.  Matte colors are used for a more sophisticated feel, while metallic imprint colors are great for a flashier event like a casino theme wedding.

Type of Card: Card quality and price vary quite a bit, depending upon the type of deck you select.  The most expensive cards are ones where the bride and groom’s photo is on each card.  Some couples even customize the face part of the card, making the bridesmaids and groomsmen kings, queens, and jacks.   If you go this route, make sure that you select a high resolution, close up.

The most popular decks are ones where the names of the bride and groom are imprinted on each card.  They are generally of high quality and not as expensive as the wedding photo playing cards.  You will want to be sure to see a sample of a playing card before placing an order.  This will help you to ensure that the color is exactly what you want and feel the quality of the actual card.

Finally, the most cost effective choice is a standard deck of cards with a generic design and custom label.  Most of the time the labels come separately, so you have to affix a label to each deck.    The cost savings may be worth the extra labor, as the decks typically run under $2.00.