Winter Themed Baby Shower

Winter Themed Baby Shower

Moms-to-be deserve to be showered with attention and affection, and beautiful baby showers are the best way to tell a mother how special she and her baby are. Liezl Del Castillo of Zelicious hosted a baby shower with the theme “Baby it’s cold outside” for her friend Shaila who was due in the middle of winter. The ideas she used are fantastic and inspiring. Come, take a look!

The scene is set in a tropical background with luscious green plantains creating a cheery vibe. The theme colors—chocolate, light brown and light blue, form  a delightful combination that works beautifully with the tropical green backdrop. The result is an attractive party setting, with a spellbinding desert buffet. A big brown board spells out the theme, and a delicious variety of sweet treats are spread in the buffet. Clear jars filled with refreshing baby’s breath make simple, but superb flower arrangements. The bunting below the buffet and the sock tree are other charming elements in this arrangement.

The customized signage is divine with its scattering of white flecks and snow flakes on a chocolate brown board. The baby’s breath beside it adds a classy touch to the setting. This platter of milk chocolates customized with candy wrappers in the central theme is one of the many custom treats that Liezl carefully created for this special event.

I am still undecided on which is prettier—the delectable macaroons, or their beautiful label. The signage is elegant and interesting with neat white lettering on a chocolate wood base edged with light blue. The floating white snowflakes add a whimsical touch to the beautiful design.

How adorable is this baby shower cake? The woody brown base has snowflakes dreamily floating over it. The upper cream-colored tier features a clothes line with cute little baby dresses and adorable teddy bears pegged to it. A shimmering cake topper adds the perfect finishing touches to this splendid masterpiece.

Chocolate spiders, exquisite rum balls and lovely chocolate cookies are some of the delectable treats for the guests to enjoy. The tall glass jars are placed on wooden crates painted white, and carry circular labels in the central color theme. The scattering of white flecks on the cake base complement the baby’s breath displays, and adds a beautifully soft texture to the serene setting.

Just look at these superb table decorations! Darling trees covered in snowy white have lovable baby socks and mittens pinned to them using wooden clips. Delightfully fairy-tale like, these trees border the desert table on either side, and are a winning idea for a baby shower.

The beautiful bunting strung across the buffet displays the mom-to-be’s name on alternating chocolate and light blue flags. Majestic brown ruffled blossoms attach the bunting to the table, and it contrasts well with the beige table cloth.

Heart-warming colors, a unique theme and a spectacular spread of food; wasn’t that an awe-inspiring baby shower that any soon-to-be mom would love? Liezl has made sure that this little baby was welcomed to the world with lots of love and cheer.