Winter Wonderland Party Ideas

Winter Wonderland Party Ideas

If you are in need of winter wonderland party ideas, you will find beauty and elegant ones here.  Claudy of Chic Candy by Claudy worked on the wonderful concept of recreating the magic of winter in the middle of June, for a graduation party. She was gracious enough to share the pictures of this festive event with us.

The buffet table with deserts in brown, white and red looks spectacular. The arrangement required  a lot of thought. Lovely strawberries were arranged in silver cases and adorned the top row. Ripe, red cherries added to the lusciousness of the deserts in the remaining tiers. The flower arrangement in blue and white and the presence of crystal woodland creatures make it almost heavenly.

Blue chocolate kisses added to the allure of tall crystal vases. The satin bows embellished with sequins made it all the more impressive and this décor item looked polished and elegant.

Adding extra charm to the already elaborate arrangement were the individual crystal and swarovski woodland creatures. This deer doesn’t steal the spotlight, but adds a subtle tone of grandeur to the entire arrangement.

Another towering jar containing more chocolate kisses, this time in silver, add to the visual beauty. It was a brilliant idea to fill this jar to little less than half. This ensures that it looks rich, yet not overcrowded, and the details on the jar are not lost too.

You cannot help but gasp at the beauty of the entire setting. The tablecloth looks like a blanket of snow and the blue sash draped flawlessly over the dazzling fairy lights takes the charm of the setting to a whole other level.

The name tags carried by the ornamental snowflake tree look splendid. The small details like the addition of crystal chains and sprinkling of blue blossoms, as well as the lighting from below creates a fairytale feel.

More crystal vases with candy in blue and white and decorated in silver and gold add to the wintry feel. Note the ingenious placement of the amazing little deer that looks spell binding.

The view looks enthralling from every angle. From above, strawberries dipped in chocolate with a sprinkling of cream look luxurious and delectable.

The décor elements have been skilfully selected and arranged. This display looks bewitching with white and blue roses complementing the crystal details, and the white branches are reminiscent of a snowy winter. The blue orchids and crystal drops perfectly blend in while the mirror amplifies the display of lights, making it an excellent base for the entire arrangement.

The table setting is uncomplicated in white and silver, yet the central flower arrangement does justice to the theme. The vertical arrangement doesn’t obstruct view, but still looks fascinating.  Claudy has to be appreciated for her talent in creating such a delightful party. This magnificent night will undoubtedly be well remembered.

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