Winter Wonderland Party

Winter Wonderland Party

In planning your Winter Wonderland party this season, follow these simple steps to make sure the celebration is a complete success.

  • Room decorations: Silver and white decorations with plenty of sparkle make beautiful, creative decorations.  From hanging snowflakes to fake snow drifts, you can make guests feel as though they’re outdoors in a different world.  For a particularly warm glow, hold the party in a room with a fireplace or light candles throughout the room.  These candles may be a dark or bright blue and held in silver holders.  You can also decorate your tables with snowflake place card holders.

  • Table decorations: If you’re planning on serving a meal, consider having white plates and crystal glasses, with silver cutlery.  Then, include blue or purple napkins at each place.  You can also have a white tablecloth with silver placemats.  In the middle of each table, include a winter bouquet with evergreen pine cones, silver sparkles, and white roses.  Or, as an alternative, put one fishbowl with silver and blue stones along the bottom on each table.   Light floating candles in each bowl for a beautiful look.  Photo by  Trekky Andy:

Many times, table decorations can be used as favors like these winter wonderland favors:

  • Menu: Each menu item should remind guests of their favorite wintertime food.  From gingerbread cookies to spiced cider, the aromas and warmth of the food should permeate the party.  Pumpkin bread and butternut squash are other favorite dishes.  Roasted vegetables may be served with the main meal.   For the main dish, consider comfort foods such as fried chicken, roast turkey, or macaroni and cheese.  Offer guests a number of options so they can take a small amount of each dish.  Photo by